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Bible Search Results: the ninth hour

Strong's Greek: 1766. ἔννατος (ennatos) -- ninth.

... Concordance. Matthew 20:5 Adj-AFS GRK: ἕκτην καὶ ἐνάτην ὥραν ἐποίησεν KJV:
the sixth and ninth hour, and did INT: sixth and ninth ...
// - 16k

Strong's Greek: 5610. ὥρα (hóra) -- a time or period, an hour

... Matthew 20:5 N-AFS GRK: καὶ ἐνάτην ὥραν ἐποίησεν ὡσαύτως NAS: and the
ninth hour, and did KJV: and ninth hour, and did likewise ...
// - 40k

Strong's Greek: 1729a. enatos -- ninth

... Exhaustive Concordance. Word Origin ord. from ennea Definition ninth NASB
Translation ninth (9), ninth hour (1). Links. Interlinear ...
// - 9k

Strong's Greek: 5616. ὡσεί (hósei) -- as if, as it were ...

... Acts 10:3 Adv GRK: ὁράματι φανερῶς ὡσεὶ περὶ ὥραν NAS: About the ninth
hour KJV: evidently about the ninth INT: a vision ...
// - 26k

Strong's Greek: 994. βοάω (boaó) -- to call out

... ἐνάτῃ ὥρᾳ ἐβόησεν ὁ Ἰησοῦς NAS: Jesus cried out with a loud KJV: hour Jesus
cried with a loud voice, INT: ninth hour cried Jesus. ...
// - 23k

Strong's Greek: 1623. ἕκτος (hektos) -- sixth

... gone out about [the] sixth and ninth Matthew 27:45 Adj-GFS GRK: Ἀπὸ δὲ ἕκτης
ὥρας σκότος NAS: Now from the sixth hour darkness KJV ...
// - 19k

Strong's Greek: 310. ἀναβοάω (anaboaó) -- to cry out

// - 13k

Strong's Greek: 4335. προσευχή (proseuché) -- prayer

... τὴν ἐνάτην NAS: [hour], the hour of prayer. KJV: at the hour of prayer,
[being] the ninth INT: hour of prayer the ninth. ...
// - 35k

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